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The business world is always under constant evolution. We ended 2016, with some amazing news. We heard via BBC that China has built an “iPhone City”. This all has been done in support and adoration of Apple and obviously the iPhones. Aside from this, we were stunned to hear that desperate American towns turned themselves into private firms so that they could manage their waterworks. The deals that these firms have to offer are quite incredible as they bring along the “desperately needed” upgrades. However these upgradations cost more than usual and might leave you bonkers with the sight of the price tags. 2016 was also a great year for Germany as their economy accelerated in it.
Well, the business world always has something cool and something weird in its hands. We are stunned by some incredible innovations and on the other hand, we feel hopeless with some astonishing and unbelievable news. We stepped into 2017, hoping for some wonders in the business world and the first news that we got was that Donald Trump plan’s on all of his business ideas might be falling short. WHOOPS!
Donald said that he would be controlling the immense business empire of his, which is currently under control of his two oldest sons. Well, the end of this news was that Donald said NO to sell his holds. And this is what leaves him open to suspiciousness of corruption. He has gotten huge advices that he shouldn’t do so but everything seems to be going under the covers at the moment.
Yet again we had news of Trump’s ideas of cutting down the drug import. According to him, he has plans of cutting down prices but the reality is that this will only bring them much higher. Looks like we will have a lot of business news from Mr. Donald this year!!Lately we have also heard of a financial mystery being uncovered. Haven’t you heard about it? Well, its name is Steven T. Mnuchin. This man is Donald Trump’s nominee for being the treasury secretary.
India’s famous company Tata Sons has announced their new chairman. The airs have it that their previous chairman was fired due to mismanagement dilemmas. Furthermore, this year is also said to be great for Germany’s economy yet again. The country has enjoyed blissful 7 years of economic growth and this one is also being predicted to be incredible for them. Well, that is super great news for all the Germans.
World Bank has also given their prediction recently. They say that there will be global economic growth in 2017. The percentage of growth predicted is said to be 2.7% and we hope that we will see this happen too!
So much is happening in just the beginning of this year and we hope that it will be an amazing year in the business world and may all countries experience some great economic growth as well.


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